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What does a one-on-one credit counseling session look like?

Once you connect with an accredited counselor through the StellarFi platform, you can receive counseling over the phone. 

The counselor will ask you a variety of questions and will work with you directly on a personalized financial plan. Counselors will provide you with an understanding of what’s on your credit report, give you feedback and guidance on ways to improve your credit worthiness, as well as provide information to help you achieve whatever financial goals you may have.

Some examples of counseling sessions can include:

  • A full understanding of how to interpret the information found on your credit report
  • What your FICO® Score is used for
  • Suggestions on how to use credit wisely to ensure your credit remains up-to-date
  • How to design a financial plan in order to buy a home, save for post-education, fund your retirement, etc.
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