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Will StellarFi process a hard inquiry?

StellarFi will report your information to credit bureaus within two (2) weeks of creating an account. StellarFi will not perform hard pulls on your credit. The initial report from StellarFi may result in a temporary score drop, depending on your other credit history, due to the fact that you are opening a new credit account through StellarFi (StellarFi Credit Builder Account). Any score drop will be resolved within the next month and you should then see an increase in your score, absent any other new credit activity outside StellarFi.

What is a hard "pull"/inquiry? A hard inquiry makes a note of a creditor/lender's official review in your credit reports. The information pulled helps them to assess your credit history. StellarFi conducts a soft "pull"/inquiry. We use this information to check your credit and prove your identity as part of a background check before opening your StellarFi account.

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